Why I'm blogging?


Thought I best make some little 'about me' page, or more like, my blogging mission page - yus, yus. One thing I'll ask is if you enjoy the blog, keep reading and tell your friends. Excellent. Okay, on with the bullet points;

  • I recently came to University, which is rife with many playing it cool situations.
  • Playing it cool refers to when you like someone, but it's at that stage where you don't show it yet.
  • I cannot play it cool.
  • Hence the blog.
  • Also, boys who think they can play it cool with every single girl they meet make me angry.
  • Hence the blog.
  • I am very awkward when it comes to any social situations with the opposite sex.
  • So there might be blogs about encounters, dates or just male friends telling me something and me being like 'whuuuut?!'.
If you want something to be talked about by me on the blog, send me a quick email; hallohallorawr@hotmail.co.uk and I'll see what I can do. Any suggestions or improvements that you think I could make would be greatly appreciated (: My Twitter is lizzeeirawr (: