Monday, 5 September 2011

Filling up some space!

Hey folks; I know I've already done one little random post this week but I thought I'd do another just to give some rundown on me, what I like/dislike and boring information like that, cause I'm in the mood for blogging but I'm too angry at the minute to discuss what will be my next post. Some people are just bum heads.

This is me;


No doubt I had a drink in one hand, as it was taken at my SU bar (y)

- Cows
- Amaretto
- My bed

- Coleslaw
- Early mornings
- Playing it cool

I know this is a bit of a naff post, but if you wanna ask questions, have suggestions for the site or just wanna have a natter, comment in the space below or email Or you could try my twitter.

I quite like it when people do 'ask the blogger' bits. (I've spent all day watching ItsKingsleyBitch answering questions on YouTube).

Also, one last thing. Remember the polls at the side of the blog - please vote if you can and if you have any suggestions on how you want the blog to look, comment away (:

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Well I'm sorry for being quiet with the posts for the past few days, but it's that time again when I need to move back to Uni and so all my stuff is.. well.. all over my new room and I'm trying to sort out everything and look for a job before my lectures start up again (and before freshers week, where I'll be too hungover to do anything important).

I just thought I'd drop a post to give boring updates of what I've been doing and to let you all know that I haven't given up on the blog. Expoect a proper post in the next couple of days.

Also - I was thinking of changing the look of the blog cause I think it looks a bit shabby. I hate how the polls look at the side! If you have any suggestions or want something included in the new layout, please contact me through email or comments.