Saturday, 20 August 2011

Reader's Poll - What part of your body do you like the most?

Hullo! So I've finally gotten around to using the results from the poll that has been running for the past couple of weeks. In the future, if you wanna vote on a poll just have a gander at the side of the blog - there'll always be one kicking about somewhere.

So this blog was about body parts, cause I'm always curious about what parts of their body people love the most. People could vote more than once, so I'm not gonna get all technical and use percentages and stuff.. cause I will get confused :l Here were the choices!

- Eyes
- Legs
- Bum
- Lips
- Feet
- Tummy
- Boobies
- Other

The highest scoring was eyes, which I voted for too :P I rly love my eyelashes though - weirdly it's the first thing I notice about anyone who I meet cause some people have beasty long eyelashes and I'm just like o: Flase eyelashes are just a no though :l In second place was lips which I was surprised at! Why do people like their lips? Some people have really full lovely lips but then I also like peole who have thin lips? My top lip is pretty much non-existent! Third highest was legs, which was also one of my choices! I have quite chunky legs (feed the world thighs, I call them!) but then I quite like that. Yeah, they wobble but they're also relatively shapely.. It's just a bit more of a challenge to get them into skinny jeans.

Nobody voted for boobies or bums! Why?!

And then we had a couple of 'others', mainly being along the lines of - I LIKE NOTHING! Well, all I can say about that is you probably have a lot of lovely parts of your body that people are jealous of, so you should learn to love them.

I'll be sticking another blog at the side, along with the 'playing it cool' one, so get voting and we'll have another reader's poll post in a couple of weeks. Keep your comments coming, you beauts.

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