Thursday, 4 August 2011

Not to sound sexist..

But I think men generally have it better when it comes to affairs of the 'heart'. Okay, so those apostrophe's made it sound a little bit sexist..

On the Daily Mail website today, there was an article which was based around a forty-something year old's blog. It's really touching and sad, and she talks all about the struggles she faces on the romance front due to her being over forty. Bless her heart, she really seems quite down and I just think WHY? Before I go on, if you wanna check out her blog (which I'll be sticking in my blogroll as well) just click here.

A lot of people say that age doesn't matter (obviously if it's under legal age, it does matter - let's not be too hasty) and I don't think it does either. From the amazingly sparse line of boys that I've been associated with - for short or.. well, short amounts of time - they've been either a couple of years or at one point seven years older than me (not that they acted it, like..). My view is that I think most of the time I act older than I do - middle aged? - so I don't feel uncomfortable at all with the age difference. But for a woman to be made to feel like because she's a certain age she isn't.. desireable or attractive or just a pleasure to be around, I think this is a load of bull.

Men can just wander out and grab a girl 15 years younger than them, pretty much with just a snap of their fingertips. I mean;

- Most seem to get more handsome with age (GEORGE CLOONEY!!)
- They stay fertile until they die! How unfair is that, when women have to go through the menopause. (No, I'm not gonna go into that minefield just yet!)

But for a woman to go out and end up being with a man almost any years their junior, then they're branded a 'cougar', 'cradle snatcher', or they've got a 'toyboy'. This attitude is passed down too 'cause I know that I feel a little weird at the thought of my other half being just one week younger than me. Which is ridiculous.

I've gone off on a bit of a rant now, and lost my train of thought so I'll end this with a final thought, like Jerry Springer. Post your thoughts in comments; some male views would be good too!

No matter what age you are, or what age your wife/girlfriend is, you should always feel beautiful because everyone is and if other people can't see that then tell them to jog the hell on. If anything, the older you are the better because you are more clued up on all the fantastic stuff and you're not as naive.

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  1. hahah cool post Im following!
    I just started blogging myself and it would b super cool if you could check it out! Its not much so far but I plan on writing about my life, humorous posts, teenage topics, trending topics, fashion/beauty, an so much more!

  2. I agree with you.
    Guys do have it easier. If a guy asks a girl out it's normal but as soon as a girl asks a guy out she might be regarded as 'pushy'.
    And I agree with you - guys really do get a lot hotter before they actually 'age' whereas women's beauty (excluding most actresses) just seems to go downhill after a certain age.

  3. You're so right! I've gone for guys a mere two years younger than me, only to have people call me a cradle robber! Like, I don't get it? Things are clearly not equal between the sexes already.. no need to add love into the mix.

    I'm gnna follow you on twitter, follow back @heartsandsuch