Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's a dog's life..

I always used to think that dogs only worked at getting the ladies - provided it was cute, small and non-yappy. Well my friends, it is time for me to prove that theory wrong. Well... kind of..

I have a Jack Russell. A small, cute dog - sadly, she is very yappy and highly annoying at times, but sometimes her cuteness wins (and the fact that she has a black line at the side of each eye that makes her look like Amy Winehouse). But anyway, I am often left with the walking duties when I come back from Uni and on many occassions this has caused me to stumble across the more handsome dog walkers - unlike those who are sadly cursed to look like their pets.

When we first got Millie (that's my dog), she was a beast when it came to walking and kept running home from the field in front of our house. I was walking her and happened to see another Jack Russell walker - and became slightly besotted for a milisecond - and so sped up a little to see if I could strike up a conversation (yes, I was thinking about the storyline of 101 Dalmations..). But as I sped up, disaster struck and I dropped the lead, prompting Millie to have a sudden burst of energy at the prospect of freedom and leg it towards home/the other Jack Russell. Now, I am definitely not fit but ran anyway shouting and cursing at the dog which then caught the attention of the Jack Russell walker who caught her - which is fantastic! I had a lovely opportunity to strike up a conversation here and it had happened by accident!

Apart from the fact that I was puffing and panting, my face was red and I was probably a bit sweaty too (like I said, I am not fit). Taking the lead and muttering thanks, I stormed off cursing the dog only to see that the other dog and it's owner livd across the road from me. Now, I very rarely take the dog for a walk.


  1. Haha that's so awesome! - Sydney<3

  2. ahahaah, I think my dog attracts a lot of attention. Most of the time it's from old ladies and not guys