Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Beauty & the Beast?

Some scientists, psychologists and completely bafoons have come to the conclusion - after tests, quizzes and studies, of course - that if we as women want a lovely healthy, happy relationship... we should date an ugly man. Yes, my friends, that is the word that was used. Check out this article from Fox (the study was actually from The Journal of Family Psychology).

It suggests that women don't particularly care too much about appearance, but just want to make sure that they will be able to reproduce with their mate. I beg your pardon? (Okay, this sounds like it's gonna turn into yet another sexist revolt post - I promise it will be the last!) It says that men look for 'youth, health and phsical attractiveness'.. cough, cough - what a surprise.

But if you're the 'ugly' man in the relationship (or at least less attractive than your partner), what you're going to think is; 'Oh I'm so lucky they picked me'.

I would hate to feel like that.

There is no such thing as ugly because as the old lovely little saying goes; 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. I find many people attractive that some people would be like WHOA. I mean, my stepmum once said she thought Stephen Segal (is that how you spell his name?) was a reet sexy beast. By this point, I was promptly vomitting on the dog. But then when I said I loved Philip Schofield, she mocked me for it.

Everyone is attracted to different people and you probably don't think that you're the most attractive in the relationship, because being together is being all equal and stuff (:

Which brings me on to how people have 'types'. At which point, I think - do I even have a type? It makes me sound so easy! But I'm rly not! (I don't think I am anyway...) A big thing for me is a sense of humour and I mean a 'so many moments where I almost wet my knickers while I'm laughing' sense of humour. And facial hair is good ;)

So that was my last feminist post for a long time! I'm feelin' good - got a few posts lined up. Please vote on the polls at the side of the blog and also;

Do you have a weird celebrity/non-celebrity crush?


  1. I tend to fancy serial killers in movies. Don't ask me why. But I always do... There must be some deeply rooted psychological issue here... XD

  2. hahaha. nice! And I just realized something. I agree with Sarah. I fancy serial killers too. I'm now following your blog -Sydney