Thursday, 25 August 2011

Baby. Baby. Baby - oooh!

No. I do not like Justin Beiber but I have had that song in my head all day now - which leads me onto my next blog post - da dada daaaaa.

Do you have a cutesy 'pet' name that you get called by your other half/friends, or do you have one for someone special?

I ask because I've never been one to assign lovely people cutesy names cause I always feel like a bit of a boob calling them it - I always think some are a bit cringeworthy. Like 'darling'. If I were to have someone call me that, I would feel middle aged, cause I always get the vision in my head of a married couple. Then there's stuff like 'angel' and 'sugar'. They all seem a bit forced and naff.

Like I said I'm a bit awkward when it comes to calling people little names here and there. People in my life tend to end up being called 'beast', 'beasty' or 'fool'. I thinj I show my affection by teasing slightly? Or something ridiculous like that.

But then I'd be a liar if I said I didn't like little names that I've been called in the past. 'Babe' and 'baby' are winners with many, but I absolutely love the little pet names like 'flower' and 'love' - I think they're dead cute, even if it is coming from an old man you've made friends with at the bus stop, ahaa!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Reader's Poll - What part of your body do you like the most?

Hullo! So I've finally gotten around to using the results from the poll that has been running for the past couple of weeks. In the future, if you wanna vote on a poll just have a gander at the side of the blog - there'll always be one kicking about somewhere.

So this blog was about body parts, cause I'm always curious about what parts of their body people love the most. People could vote more than once, so I'm not gonna get all technical and use percentages and stuff.. cause I will get confused :l Here were the choices!

- Eyes
- Legs
- Bum
- Lips
- Feet
- Tummy
- Boobies
- Other

The highest scoring was eyes, which I voted for too :P I rly love my eyelashes though - weirdly it's the first thing I notice about anyone who I meet cause some people have beasty long eyelashes and I'm just like o: Flase eyelashes are just a no though :l In second place was lips which I was surprised at! Why do people like their lips? Some people have really full lovely lips but then I also like peole who have thin lips? My top lip is pretty much non-existent! Third highest was legs, which was also one of my choices! I have quite chunky legs (feed the world thighs, I call them!) but then I quite like that. Yeah, they wobble but they're also relatively shapely.. It's just a bit more of a challenge to get them into skinny jeans.

Nobody voted for boobies or bums! Why?!

And then we had a couple of 'others', mainly being along the lines of - I LIKE NOTHING! Well, all I can say about that is you probably have a lot of lovely parts of your body that people are jealous of, so you should learn to love them.

I'll be sticking another blog at the side, along with the 'playing it cool' one, so get voting and we'll have another reader's poll post in a couple of weeks. Keep your comments coming, you beauts.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's a dog's life..

I always used to think that dogs only worked at getting the ladies - provided it was cute, small and non-yappy. Well my friends, it is time for me to prove that theory wrong. Well... kind of..

I have a Jack Russell. A small, cute dog - sadly, she is very yappy and highly annoying at times, but sometimes her cuteness wins (and the fact that she has a black line at the side of each eye that makes her look like Amy Winehouse). But anyway, I am often left with the walking duties when I come back from Uni and on many occassions this has caused me to stumble across the more handsome dog walkers - unlike those who are sadly cursed to look like their pets.

When we first got Millie (that's my dog), she was a beast when it came to walking and kept running home from the field in front of our house. I was walking her and happened to see another Jack Russell walker - and became slightly besotted for a milisecond - and so sped up a little to see if I could strike up a conversation (yes, I was thinking about the storyline of 101 Dalmations..). But as I sped up, disaster struck and I dropped the lead, prompting Millie to have a sudden burst of energy at the prospect of freedom and leg it towards home/the other Jack Russell. Now, I am definitely not fit but ran anyway shouting and cursing at the dog which then caught the attention of the Jack Russell walker who caught her - which is fantastic! I had a lovely opportunity to strike up a conversation here and it had happened by accident!

Apart from the fact that I was puffing and panting, my face was red and I was probably a bit sweaty too (like I said, I am not fit). Taking the lead and muttering thanks, I stormed off cursing the dog only to see that the other dog and it's owner livd across the road from me. Now, I very rarely take the dog for a walk.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Beauty & the Beast?

Some scientists, psychologists and completely bafoons have come to the conclusion - after tests, quizzes and studies, of course - that if we as women want a lovely healthy, happy relationship... we should date an ugly man. Yes, my friends, that is the word that was used. Check out this article from Fox (the study was actually from The Journal of Family Psychology).

It suggests that women don't particularly care too much about appearance, but just want to make sure that they will be able to reproduce with their mate. I beg your pardon? (Okay, this sounds like it's gonna turn into yet another sexist revolt post - I promise it will be the last!) It says that men look for 'youth, health and phsical attractiveness'.. cough, cough - what a surprise.

But if you're the 'ugly' man in the relationship (or at least less attractive than your partner), what you're going to think is; 'Oh I'm so lucky they picked me'.

I would hate to feel like that.

There is no such thing as ugly because as the old lovely little saying goes; 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. I find many people attractive that some people would be like WHOA. I mean, my stepmum once said she thought Stephen Segal (is that how you spell his name?) was a reet sexy beast. By this point, I was promptly vomitting on the dog. But then when I said I loved Philip Schofield, she mocked me for it.

Everyone is attracted to different people and you probably don't think that you're the most attractive in the relationship, because being together is being all equal and stuff (:

Which brings me on to how people have 'types'. At which point, I think - do I even have a type? It makes me sound so easy! But I'm rly not! (I don't think I am anyway...) A big thing for me is a sense of humour and I mean a 'so many moments where I almost wet my knickers while I'm laughing' sense of humour. And facial hair is good ;)

So that was my last feminist post for a long time! I'm feelin' good - got a few posts lined up. Please vote on the polls at the side of the blog and also;

Do you have a weird celebrity/non-celebrity crush?

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Not to sound sexist..

But I think men generally have it better when it comes to affairs of the 'heart'. Okay, so those apostrophe's made it sound a little bit sexist..

On the Daily Mail website today, there was an article which was based around a forty-something year old's blog. It's really touching and sad, and she talks all about the struggles she faces on the romance front due to her being over forty. Bless her heart, she really seems quite down and I just think WHY? Before I go on, if you wanna check out her blog (which I'll be sticking in my blogroll as well) just click here.

A lot of people say that age doesn't matter (obviously if it's under legal age, it does matter - let's not be too hasty) and I don't think it does either. From the amazingly sparse line of boys that I've been associated with - for short or.. well, short amounts of time - they've been either a couple of years or at one point seven years older than me (not that they acted it, like..). My view is that I think most of the time I act older than I do - middle aged? - so I don't feel uncomfortable at all with the age difference. But for a woman to be made to feel like because she's a certain age she isn't.. desireable or attractive or just a pleasure to be around, I think this is a load of bull.

Men can just wander out and grab a girl 15 years younger than them, pretty much with just a snap of their fingertips. I mean;

- Most seem to get more handsome with age (GEORGE CLOONEY!!)
- They stay fertile until they die! How unfair is that, when women have to go through the menopause. (No, I'm not gonna go into that minefield just yet!)

But for a woman to go out and end up being with a man almost any years their junior, then they're branded a 'cougar', 'cradle snatcher', or they've got a 'toyboy'. This attitude is passed down too 'cause I know that I feel a little weird at the thought of my other half being just one week younger than me. Which is ridiculous.

I've gone off on a bit of a rant now, and lost my train of thought so I'll end this with a final thought, like Jerry Springer. Post your thoughts in comments; some male views would be good too!

No matter what age you are, or what age your wife/girlfriend is, you should always feel beautiful because everyone is and if other people can't see that then tell them to jog the hell on. If anything, the older you are the better because you are more clued up on all the fantastic stuff and you're not as naive.

There you go folks - a nice little serious blog post. One final thing - if you have a Twitter, why not follow me; lizzeeirawr

Monday, 1 August 2011

I made you a tape..


A nice long and thought out blog today (kind of!), because I finally have a weeks worth of internet access at my house, so I can lounge on my bed and think of all the deep and meaningful things that I write about in this blog... *ignores the last post about pumpy fun*.

One thing before we start - I forgot to mention that the Top 25 Kids Bloggers came to an end and my lovely blog reached an excellent position of.. 27 ;D Okay, so I didn't get into the actual chart but 27 is actually excellent. If you wanna check out the winners (which I think you should) then just click the link above and have a gander!

Now, when I was younger I used to have all the fun of recording the radio onto tapes, because everyone loved a bit of the Sunday Top 40. I used to have a brilliant coca-cola can shaped radio and it had a double tape deck - for those serious about recording from one tape/radio.. onto another ;D And I know some people used to be soppy and record songs to pass onto someone (maybe not so much when I was a youngster.. but I like the thought of it!). So I got thinking about all the mushy/not so mushy/so mushy they make you wanna vomit love songs that I'd like to have on my own mixed tape - just in case some soppy git wants to send me one.

Lizzee's Ultimate Faint with Soppy Happiness Mixed Tape List

1. "Because the Night" - Patti Smith
2. "Leave a Light on For Me" - Belinda Carlisle
3. "Against All Odds" - Phil Collins
4. "Lost in You" - Sugababes
5. "Your Song" - Elton John
6. "Heartbeats" - Joze Gonzalez
7. "I Like It" - Gerry & the Pacemakers
8. "Dream" - The Everly Brothers
9. "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" - Iron & Wine
10. "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" - The Beatles

(And "Mixed Tape" by Jack's Mannequin)

Some may say these are cringe worthy. But I actually love these songs (: Check them out if you've never heard one! Feel free to share your own thoughts on the kind of mixed tape you would like or other romantic gestures you think are great! And also vote on the polls at ther side of the blog.

G'bye beauts.