Thursday, 7 July 2011

One is the lonliest number..

That you ever knewwww.
Two, can be as bad as one;
It's the lonliest number since the number one.

I'm not sure if they are the lyrics or not, but they have always been perplexing to me! So you might be lonely when you're by yourself, but then you might when you've got a chum too? And so that leads me onto a little request about how I should write about 'being single being totally underrated'. And I agree (no matter what the song says - I've got it in my head now .-.)

I don't see there being much problem with being single myself - I have been single.. well most of my life - and I am still going strong, despite the occasional pang of lonliness (I don't think you can actually be lonely at 18..)

I mean, why would you not like being just by yourself? Enjoying time with your friends, being allowed to have the occasional flirt and 'encounter' with the opposite sex or just wandering about like a cloud and getting on with your life. And plus, you have the best company available - yourself. Because as they say, if you don't love yourself, then how do you expect others to love you. (I always felt that sounded a bit harsh, but I suppose it would be pretty crap if you didn't like yourself.) And everyone tries to find that one person who is like the male/female equivalent to them - unless you're one of those oddballs who believe that 'opposites attract'. So, you get to spend one on one time with yo'self and have some jolly good fun.

And not have to worry about making a prat of yourself.

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  1. I definitely agree, I love being by myself! I'm extroverted too, but I still try to find time to be alone, reflect, and enjoy my own company.

    Plus. Being single is great! I love it :) Maybe things will be different when I go to college in the fall, but I definitely don't want to start anything know.