Saturday, 30 July 2011

I'm such a lady...

Sometimes, I think that the I could probably be more ladylike when approching life, and then maybe I wouldn't get considered as 'one of the boys' and get lucky. The only ladylike about me at the minute is my child bearing hips (!), and even they are getting too big to handle!

A lot of people think that just because you're a girl, you shouldn't do certain stuff. And one thing in particular I am referring to in a relationship... is the wind barrier. Yes, that's right people; I am lowering the high brow seriousness of this blog (whuuuut?) and talking about cheeky pumps.

I wanna know - how long did it take you to break said wind barrier in your relationship? Mine have never lasted long enough to reach this stage ;D And also, would you consider doing un-ladylike things in life, or no?

I enjoy video gaming, which some people think is just for boys. (I'm not just talking about disgusting stuff) And occasionally.. I let my leg hair grow to considerable lengths, just because I can't be bothered to go through the whole palava of shaving it off (and savaging my legs in the process!).

On a final note - check out the new poll at the side of the blog about body parts. It's gonna be used for a new post at some point!

This was just a fun little post - I'll not talk about pumpy business again ;D Ciao


  1. Ha ha I have to giggle at the whole issue of bottom burps! Ive been with mike for nearly 11 years now and to be totally honest ive never been bothered about "releasing" around him. Its natural it cant be helped. But i guess for the first year or so "Honeymoon period " you do tend to hide it all away!

  2. Jack has never hidden the fact he farts and I don't think I ever did. We now fart around each other far too much but we both find it hilarious and it gets quite competitive (dangerously so). I can't be bothered with legs either! And Jack doesn't care which is great. So we must be pretty comfortable around each other. I am quite a boy inside, I suppose though.