Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Spoonful of Sugar..

First off! Sorry for not posting for yonks. I've just moved back home from University for the summer so it's been a bit hectic, and to make matters worse I don't have internet back here .-. So all of my blogging will be done from the comfort of.. the public library. Ugh; I've just had an egg McMuffin from McDonalds and I am stuffed!

Anyway; this blog is mainly gonna be about lies. Not horrific lies that would end you up on Jeremy Kyle or Sally Jessy Raphael, but tiny lies that, in most cases, help you in any relationship, whether it be soppy, friendly or sexy.

"Does my bum look big in this?"

In a poll undertaken by the show 'This Morning' they found that 90% of men would tell their wives/other half that their bum looked big in that new dress they bought. I think this is a big hairy lie (unless they're one of those men folk who like big butts and they cannot lie..). By telling me that my bum looked big in a dress I would either be very happy (because I quite like having a more ample bottom, on one of those good body image days) or think that you were criticizing me, telling me I was ugly, that you didn't find me attractive anymore and that my whole life was doomed! This, of course, would be on one of those days where you look at yourself and think about how much you'd like to cheese grater your hips off because they're so huge.

But then lies do not all revolve around image and all that malarky. Seeing your friends instead of going to that horrendously soppy girly film, or jam packed action film with more special effects than Michael Jackson's face or being grateful for a gift that is.. questionable but the thought was in it might be okay lies because without them, you'd probably end up losing touch with those friends or man friends because.. well that's the way it goes. The things that you lie about are never massive lies, but you can justify them because it's to save hurting the other people's feelings.

Overall, nice lies (:

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