Saturday, 4 June 2011

Enough is enough.. is enough!

I love that song. It's been in my head for the past hour.

[Edit: I just re-read this blog post and it does sound a little like it'll be my last one, but it will not!]

Anyway! Been a while since I blogged last but only cause I've had nothing really worth while to say - which makes a nice change for me cause I normally have something to whinge about. So anyway; I like this blog but when I think about the reason I started it I'm always like.. cringe! I have a nasty habit of starting blogs whenever I get stressed about something, but this was probably a thing I should'a been like - do I really wanna broadcast how I'm not getting over it.

Haha, so anyway, now I'm feeling a lot better about it all! I laugh at the fact I made it, more than actually wanting to throw myself off a cliff.

And then I started to think about how people cope with stuff, in the context of relationships. I think there's stuff out there like this - the whole 'the first step is admitting you have a problem, then you go through denail, anger, etc etc.' But is that the same with everything? I'd like to think my little coping strategy went like this;
  • Denial; "What do you mean, 'is it really working out'? 'Course it is!"
  • Hurt; "Why would he do this to me?!"
  • Denial; "We'll make up in a couple of days."
  • Anger; "He better not text me."
  • Rage; "Why the hell hasn't he texted me?!"
  • Defiance; "I bloody well deserve better."
  • Acceptance; "Actually, this isn't so bad."
  • Rejection; "Yeah I know you're trying to catch my eye over the bar, you smarmy git. But I'm currently checking out the bottom of a nearby male."
I think I should patent it ;D

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