Saturday, 28 May 2011

Ruining the mood as usual..

I remember there was a group that everyone was joining at one point on Facebook (addiction, much..) that went something like;
"Before sex, you help each other get naked and then after sex, you have to dress yourself. Moral of the story; in life, no-one helps you when you're fucked."
I thought that was a pretty tacky, but philosophical - is that combination even possible? - way of putting life. It made me laugh a lot, but I didn't join it; it would totally lower the tone of my Facebook profile ;) (LOL!) Anyway, so getting around to the point of this little nugget of my blog; I'm not gonna talk about life fucking anyone over or anything as extreme as that. I'm gonna talk about the art of undressing and not ruining the moon.

Something which, once again, I pretty much fail at.

I am a lover of the skinny jean/jeggings. Some people may say I don't pull them off, cause I've got a ghetto booty and thunder thighs but they're pretty comfy and now when I wear normal jeans, my legs feel even bigger. So poo to you haters. Anyway! So these are hard to get off at the best of times - especially when you've bought a size lower than you usually do and are in denial that you could probably do with the next size up. It's my calfs! They are actual beasts so when it comes to taking off or putting my trousers on, I have to proper yank them down and then well..

It certainly ruins the mood a smidge when the other person in the undressing scenario has to stand at the end of the bed and pull with their almighty strength on your jeggings, just so you dont have them around your knees all night. I'd like to say we laughed at it.. but I think it was more of a cry by the time it had happened three times..

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  1. Tis quite a good philosophy actually...
    and this post made me laugh! I don't know if it was meant to know...
    You wear whatever you feel comfortable in, don't listen to what other people say, I'm sure you look great in your skinnies! :D

    I'm now following :)