Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Drowning your sorrows..

We've all done it. We've probably all regretted it the morning after when the room is spinning all you can taste is vomit and despair.

I've had a bit of a rough ride this past month with exams, boy troubles (pah!), my friend got spiked the other week and then to top it all off, a Duran Duran concert I was going to see last night at Liverpool Echo Arena was cancelled because Simon Le Bon has laryngitus. Now, let's not question my musical tastes - I love the boys, and I won the tickets on a radio competition (excellent moment of my life). But suffice to say I was a bit depressed, so me and my friend ended up getting merrily drunk in the hotel room all night.

I've now woken up with a hideous hangover and I'm probably more miserable than I was before because;

  • I had to run through my local train station to the toilets so I could throw up

  • I have an exam on Friday that I have not revised for enough at all

  • I spent a stupid amount of money doing pretty much nothing

  • & alas, I still have all the problems I did before

I always just talk and talk when I'm drunk and don't think about what I'm saying, hence why I either always have people mardy at me or I'm mardy at them because some little domestic - always started by me - has happened. No, I'm not talking about drunken brawls - just a tiny arguement. So anyway, this was just a little rant;

Drowning Sorrows - Always a bad idea.

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