Saturday, 21 May 2011

Actually I was just ignoring you..

First blog post. Excellent. Get on with it.

So, the term 'playing it cool' is gonna be used a shed load on this blog just because I think it's one of the most ridiculous things in the world, yet I don't fully understand it. I have been accused of play it too cool, not cool enough and thankfully, just the right amount of cool (oh yeaaahh..)

I have recently just been on quite a long - for me, three months of frustration is a long time - (and unsuccessful) playing it cool stretch, which ended last week (I can hear the cries of 'so that's why you made the blog, you man hating feminist', which I shall reply - you are half right). It was a frustrating setup with the whole;

  • "Is it casual, or are we 'seeing each other'?"

  • "What the hell does 'seeing each other' actually mean if it is that?"

  • "Am I in a long line of girls being 'seen (to)'?"

Which indefinitely makes the 'playing it cool' routine a lot more dificult because if the answer to question three had in any way been yes, I wouldn't be playing it cool I'd be playing with someone else. Although why I had chosen to get it on with the seven years older, none student at the student union bar who gave me a horrendous lovebite the first night I met him instead of someone else - well it doesn't reflect well on me.

Those who are excellently skilled at playing it cool will have boys hanging from their every word, waiting to jump off a cliff when they get told to. Sadly, I have never had the panache (that is a word, right?) to have this affect on a boy. With me, it gets to the point that I'm playing it so cool that I'm ignoring them, or I go and tell them that I'm playing it cool (I was told by my housemates that this is an amazingly big mistake!) like a complete moron.

So to end this little rant - I hadn't expected the first post to be so intense to be honest x_x

Playing it cool - The act of pretending you don't like
someone to get them to like you more.. however that works.

Post me a comment with your playing it cool fandango's or just what you think it actually means.

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  1. I didn't even know 'playing it cool' had a meaning!! I thought it was just like...looking like you're laid back and not stressing out about something. For example, if I was about to rob a bank with something, i'd be like...'just play it cool'... I don't think I've ever 'played it cool' because i'm rubbish with games of this nature, i would cock it up no end... XD

  2. now i know what this means. lol. you're pretty cool anyway. follow mine huh