Saturday, 28 May 2011

Ruining the mood as usual..

I remember there was a group that everyone was joining at one point on Facebook (addiction, much..) that went something like;
"Before sex, you help each other get naked and then after sex, you have to dress yourself. Moral of the story; in life, no-one helps you when you're fucked."
I thought that was a pretty tacky, but philosophical - is that combination even possible? - way of putting life. It made me laugh a lot, but I didn't join it; it would totally lower the tone of my Facebook profile ;) (LOL!) Anyway, so getting around to the point of this little nugget of my blog; I'm not gonna talk about life fucking anyone over or anything as extreme as that. I'm gonna talk about the art of undressing and not ruining the moon.

Something which, once again, I pretty much fail at.

I am a lover of the skinny jean/jeggings. Some people may say I don't pull them off, cause I've got a ghetto booty and thunder thighs but they're pretty comfy and now when I wear normal jeans, my legs feel even bigger. So poo to you haters. Anyway! So these are hard to get off at the best of times - especially when you've bought a size lower than you usually do and are in denial that you could probably do with the next size up. It's my calfs! They are actual beasts so when it comes to taking off or putting my trousers on, I have to proper yank them down and then well..

It certainly ruins the mood a smidge when the other person in the undressing scenario has to stand at the end of the bed and pull with their almighty strength on your jeggings, just so you dont have them around your knees all night. I'd like to say we laughed at it.. but I think it was more of a cry by the time it had happened three times..

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Drowning your sorrows..

We've all done it. We've probably all regretted it the morning after when the room is spinning all you can taste is vomit and despair.

I've had a bit of a rough ride this past month with exams, boy troubles (pah!), my friend got spiked the other week and then to top it all off, a Duran Duran concert I was going to see last night at Liverpool Echo Arena was cancelled because Simon Le Bon has laryngitus. Now, let's not question my musical tastes - I love the boys, and I won the tickets on a radio competition (excellent moment of my life). But suffice to say I was a bit depressed, so me and my friend ended up getting merrily drunk in the hotel room all night.

I've now woken up with a hideous hangover and I'm probably more miserable than I was before because;

  • I had to run through my local train station to the toilets so I could throw up

  • I have an exam on Friday that I have not revised for enough at all

  • I spent a stupid amount of money doing pretty much nothing

  • & alas, I still have all the problems I did before

I always just talk and talk when I'm drunk and don't think about what I'm saying, hence why I either always have people mardy at me or I'm mardy at them because some little domestic - always started by me - has happened. No, I'm not talking about drunken brawls - just a tiny arguement. So anyway, this was just a little rant;

Drowning Sorrows - Always a bad idea.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

It just happened..

I don't think I'll be posting everyday but this has got to be said.

Why do people who cheat.. cheat? Friday; me and the housemates + one seminar friend discovered the revelation that someone we knew was being cheated on. Now the two have been together since the start of University pretty much, which is quite a mean feat when you think about it - freshers week is rife with hormones and condoms (sadly, I'm not speaking through experience; freshers week was a flop for me!).

She's a lovely girl and he's well.. a smarmy boy in my opinion and maybe this is what's affected my view the most. Turns out this boy has tried it on with one of her friends before, and was promptly rejected, I might add, then turned over to his girlfriend. Now why, for one second in their tiny minds, would anyone try to cheat with a close friend of their spouse and think that they're going to get away with it? The guilt would absolutely kill me if I was that friend and I would probably paint a confession on a banner in my own blood.

But anyway - she took him back and they got over it. This is my head is a bit wrong. I've always thought that if I were to be cheated on (unsuccessfully or not) I don't know if I'd be able to get back with that person because of the major thing we like to call TRUST. I'm psycho and insecure enough as it is without thinking that you're checking out everyone else's jelly as well as my own.

What I can't get my head around is that why would you go off and play elsewhere with someone else when you have someone at home who is - I'm sure - willing to have a bit of sexy fun time with you and all you need to do to get it is show a bit of affection and maybe buy the occasional cinema ticket - I'm an easy girl to please, clearly! So anyway, another definition to add to the list;

Cheating - A cowardly way of telling your girlfriend that you either a) think you're some sort of sex god, or more likely b) are an arsehole or in some very minute instances c) are under appreciated.

Feedback always welcome (:

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Actually I was just ignoring you..

First blog post. Excellent. Get on with it.

So, the term 'playing it cool' is gonna be used a shed load on this blog just because I think it's one of the most ridiculous things in the world, yet I don't fully understand it. I have been accused of play it too cool, not cool enough and thankfully, just the right amount of cool (oh yeaaahh..)

I have recently just been on quite a long - for me, three months of frustration is a long time - (and unsuccessful) playing it cool stretch, which ended last week (I can hear the cries of 'so that's why you made the blog, you man hating feminist', which I shall reply - you are half right). It was a frustrating setup with the whole;

  • "Is it casual, or are we 'seeing each other'?"

  • "What the hell does 'seeing each other' actually mean if it is that?"

  • "Am I in a long line of girls being 'seen (to)'?"

Which indefinitely makes the 'playing it cool' routine a lot more dificult because if the answer to question three had in any way been yes, I wouldn't be playing it cool I'd be playing with someone else. Although why I had chosen to get it on with the seven years older, none student at the student union bar who gave me a horrendous lovebite the first night I met him instead of someone else - well it doesn't reflect well on me.

Those who are excellently skilled at playing it cool will have boys hanging from their every word, waiting to jump off a cliff when they get told to. Sadly, I have never had the panache (that is a word, right?) to have this affect on a boy. With me, it gets to the point that I'm playing it so cool that I'm ignoring them, or I go and tell them that I'm playing it cool (I was told by my housemates that this is an amazingly big mistake!) like a complete moron.

So to end this little rant - I hadn't expected the first post to be so intense to be honest x_x

Playing it cool - The act of pretending you don't like
someone to get them to like you more.. however that works.

Post me a comment with your playing it cool fandango's or just what you think it actually means.

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